Medal Hanging System
Installation Guide

Step-by-Step Installation Instructions

Follow the installation videos & instructions below or download and print them.


  • Hook panel with standoffs

  • Acrylic hooks

  • Mounting hardware complete with anchors and screws.


  • Phillips screwdriver/drill

  • Level

Medal Hanging System Installation Guide

STEP 1: When locating the placement of your panel, please make sure there is adequate wall space to allow for the medals to freely hang.

STEP 2: Unscrew the standoff caps. Hold the hook panel in the desired location; a level is strongly suggested to ensure a straight display. Push one of the provided screws through the pre-drilled holes. Mark the wall where to install the anchors.

STEP 3: Install the provided anchors. Note: If installing into wall studs, anchors are not necessary; however, a longer screw will be needed, which is not provided.

STEP 4: Using the provided screws and standoffs, pass each screw into each standoff then through the holes in the hanger board. Place the hook panel onto the wall at the anchored/non-anchored holes.

STEP 5: Using a Phillips screwdriver/drill, tighten screws to wall. WARNING! DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN SCREWS!

STEP 6: Align the panel onto the standoffs, and screw in standoff caps.

STEP 7: To slide the hooks onto the panel, line the t-shape of the hooks with the t-slot on the side of the panel, and slide the hooks into your desired formation.

PRO TIP: Slide hooks right to left onto panel.

STEP 8: Install acrylic shelf on top of panel.

Extension Panel Installation Instructions

Follow the installation instructions below or download and print them.

Note: Existing panel does not need to be removed from the wall when attaching Extension Panel.

STEP 1: Remove entire bottom row of hooks on your existing panel. You may need to remove your medals in order to access these hooks.

STEP 2: Slide the hooks from Step 1 onto bottom row of Extension Panel.

STEP 3: Slide connection pins off of Extension Panel. Line Extension Panel up with bottom row of existing panel.

STEP 4: Push connection pins into the side T-slots of your existing panel and extension panel to connect them together.

STEP 5: Push pins all the way in.

STEP 6: Hang your medals!

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