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Sylect By Design, LLC is a unique business that specializes in the designing and manufacturing of hanging systems.

We design custom-made hanging systems for a variety of applications, focusing primarily on the sports and home décor industries.


Our versatile hanging systems are ideal for people who participate in sports, and need a place to showcase their medals and awards. 

Organizer for medals

Our product does not consist of merely a rod with 6+ hooks. Our unique patent-pending system comes together to create a beautiful, decorative piece that becomes a part of your home or office – wherever you want to organize your achievements and achieve organization!

​The medal hanging systems have front plates that are interchangeable, thus allowing you to completely change the look of your system in a simple and cost effective way. For example, have you changed sports or interests? Simply remove the front plate and replace it with a new design from the assorted selections on our website.

This allows you to update your hanging system without the cost of purchasing another complete system. (Unless, however, you would like to add to your collection, then we would be honored to oblige!)

Our company and products are here to help you organize your achievements and achieve organization ~ and to do so with style!

The Sylect By Design Team

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